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Pushing the boundaries of engineering design

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“For us every project is an opportunity to make a positive difference.

We're working hard to be agents of change, driving zero carbon design and creating a sustainable future for the MENA region.”

Richard Stratton smiling in-front of the camera with his navy blue suit at our Cundall Dubai WELL office

Richard Stratton

Partner and Managing Director, EMENA

Richard Stratton being interviewed in a broadcasting studio on Construction Week

Behind the Mic: How Cundall is contributing to KSA’s 2030 Vision

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Blue to green gradient overlaid on a project render

Our commitment to Zero Carbon Design 2030

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Riyadh skyline at night in Saudi Arabia

Cundall expands Middle Eastern operations with new office in Riyadh

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People enjoying one of the loops of The Storm coaster.

The Storm Coaster launches into the Guinness World Records

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Silhouette Of Dubai buildings against the ocean and a sunsetting sky

Cundall Dubai – retrofitting the UAE’s built environment for a net zero future

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