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UK Green Building Council office interior with meeting room and green wall
Head with a heart as a mind

Health, Wellbeing and Productivity

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We deliver sustainable developments that provide environments to promote health, wellbeing and productivity so building users can flourish.

Building environments have a direct impact on our wellbeing as we spend most of our time indoors. Our research shows that in healthy office environments productivity increases, absenteeism reduces, and concentration improves.

Cundall is a global leader in delivering health and wellbeing certification, having delivered Europe’s first WELL Building Standard® certified project for our London Office, MENA’s first WELL Platinum certified project and Health Safety rating, Europe’s first WELL Platinum building, and the world’s first co-working WELL Platinum certified office.

In addition to providing WELL and FitWel certifications, we deliver a full range of specialist health and wellbeing services. This includes industry-leading research into indoor air quality, biophilic design, healthy materials, as well as our award-winning productivity mapping tool. These are all designed to deliver happier, healthier and more productive spaces to live and work in.

Cundall office Singapore
Cundall office Singapore café area with wooden table seating with staff having lunch

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Alan Fogarty in London office reception in a suit witch wooden terrace panelling for plants in background

Alan Fogarty

Partner, Sustainability


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From acoustic soundscapes to human-centric lighting or indoor air quality, we take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing sustainability services. We work to understand the key issues that matter to our clients, and develop creative, sustainable strategies and solutions that deliver performance in use.