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Cundall Dubai's futureproofing existing buildings roundtable


Mario Saab wearing a blue suit while standing in-front of a glass wall

Mario Saab

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Marc Lynch in Cundall Dubai office

Marc Lynch

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The future of retrofit has never been more important, particularly in the UAE, where a considerable proportion of the building developments were built during the construction boom at the turn of the century. Since then, new buildings have embraced the benefits of best practice sustainability standards and now act as a benchmark for the older building stock.

Cundall’s roundtable brought together industry experts representing different parts of our built environment, each offering a particular insight into the discussion, to highlight how we can all play our part in closing the performance gap, increase landlords’ appetite for retrofits, optimise life span of buildings services, effectively introduce smart and high-edge technologies into the existing stock, and increase the value of existing assets to avoid the stranded assets scenario.