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Air Quality and Odour

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We assess the impact of developments on air quality and odour, as well as exposure assessments for human health, ecological sites and determining atmospheric corrosivity.

Our comprehensive air quality and odour services include monitoring and modelling, as well as expert advice on mitigation measures. These support planning applications, environmental permit applications and the construction and operation of new developments.

We are experienced in designing and carrying out monitoring studies. This includes odour sniff testing and monitoring of atmospheric pollutants such as particulates and gaseous contaminants. We can provide Indoor Air Quality plans and advice and monitoring to assess indoor air quality conditions in buildings. These can be specifically tailored to assess compliance with the various indoor environmental quality and building accreditation schemes (BREEAM, HQM, LEED, WELL, FitWel, RESET, AirRated etc). We also set up and manage construction dust monitoring programmes and metal coupon exposure to determine atmospheric corrosivity for sensitive sites such as datacentres, museums and art galleries.

Our modelling services predict exposure, and the likely impacts on ambient air quality and odour caused by changes in emissions from the completed development. We conduct construction dust assessments to inform mitigation requirements. These are incorporated into dust management or construction and environmental plans.

We provide additional support to successfully discharge planning conditions related to air quality and odour, including monitoring, stack height optimisation, preparation of mitigation statements and dust management plans. Our team can also carry out air quality neutral assessment and damage cost calculations where these are required by the local authority.

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The provision of good air quality and odour advice is based on the evaluation of local emissions such as roads, rail, aviation and industrial developments.