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Kavita Kumari

Associate Director

Kavita Kumari in meeting room looking at poster on wall

While I started my professional career in engineering, my heart has always been in sustainability. This has led me to dedicate my career to addressing the impact the built environment has on climate change. Everyday, within Cundall, I try to make a conscious effort to equip the next generation of designers to keep sustainability at the forefront of their actions. As designers, but more as human beings, it is imperative to remember our responsibility to protect and restore eco-systems, fight climate change, and enhance health and wellbeing.


My involvement with WELL and incorporating that into engineering is an example of ‘creativity through engineering’. Buildings need to be designed with a people-first mindset. Thinking of my experience, I have learnt that engineering is far more than just physics and mathematics – successful engineering is putting people’s wellbeing first.


One of the most rewarding elements of working in such an inclusive team is hearing different perspectives of the built environment's impact on climate change. The younger members of my team in particular are pioneering such conversations and asking all the right questions. I think such curiosity and passion alone is a perfect example of engineering excellence.

Kavita Kumari sitting on bench with leafy bush in background

Kavita Kumari

Associate Director


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