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Dr Curtis Gubb

Senior Consultant, Sustainability

Curtis Gubb sitting on a table in discussion next to a laptop

I joined Cundall in 2019 after completing a PhD from the University of Birmingham in Environmental Health and Risk Management - specifically focusing on air quality and health and wellbeing in the built environment. I’m a member of the CIBSE air quality working group and knowledge generation panel where I’ve contributed to various pieces of guidance. Additionally, I’ve had work been published in a number of academic journals and contributed articles to various industry bodies.


As sustainability encompasses a wide variety of disciplines delivering successful projects requires a high degree of collaboration both internally, and externally with our clients and partners. It is thus an imperative part of my role and key to delivering tangible results and luckily, something I particularly enjoy.


Whether it’s an air quality assessment or delivering a bespoke development strategy striving to learn lessons, build and improve upon work is embedded in the culture of the team from day one. I personally found this a very refreshing and inspiring approach and it undoubtedly ensures high standards are not just met on individual projects but maintained over time.

Curtis Gubb sitting in a grey blazer on the arm of a black sofa next to a marble tiled wall

Dr Curtis Gubb

Senior Consultant, Sustainability


+61 (0)2 8424 7000

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