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Mario Saab

Head of Sustainability, MENA

Mario Saab is having a conversation using his mobile phone beside the windows.

Sustainability, circular economy and low-to-zero carbon have been a personal passion since university. My career path post-graduation started in the mechanical design domain, characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit, proudly leading teams and directing several turnkey sustainable projects. In early 2021, after 15+ years of diversified regional experience, I joined Cundall to lead the MENA team and shape the business as it rises to meet increased demand for sustainable and net zero carbon solutions. I pride myself on being an innovator, a problem-solver, and a sustainability champion - always striving to leave a mark and make a positive change that has a ripple effect.

Engineering excellence

With climate change, government legislations and international treaties becoming more pressing by the day, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of our engineering comfort zone and going above and beyond current best practices. We adopt state of the art studies, coupled with the very latest emerging technologies, to rewrite the rules of the built environment. In doing so, we are shifting it from being a major part of the carbon emissions problem to adopting a regenerative approach and becoming part of the solution.


To reach our net zero targets on a global scale, and given the scarcity of planetary resources, the ultimate renewable resource to resort to is human ingenuity and creativity. This creativity is at the heart of sustainability. We rely on it from a technological, scientific and social perspective to transform ideas, envision new possibilities and imagine alternatives, with the goal of solving our planet’s challenging problems.

Mario Saab wearing a blue suit while standing in-front of a glass wall

Mario Saab

Head of Sustainability, MENA


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