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The Kitin Chinese restaurant

Our lighting design team created a seamless lighting scheme which realised The Kitin’s vision of sophisticated grace and an elevated dining experience.

Main Dining room of the Ki Tin with an elegant chandelier at the ceiling. Ambient lighting is also giving a luxurious ambience.

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Hong Kong, China


Luk Hing Entertainment Group


M.R. Studio

Located within ICC, the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong, The Kitin delivers a luxurious Chinese dining experience. Cundall’s Lighting team was appointed to provide seamless integration of the lighting scheme with the interior design. The dining space was inspired by dignified bridge structures and connections, to provide a sense of cultivated opulence and a refined dining experience for guests.

Our lighting design team focused on creating a dramatic atmosphere and delivering an uplifting dining experience to guests by highlighting the bespoke fitout design and rich finishes within the venue. We integrated a decorative wall lamp and formed a light tunnel, casting discreet illumination on the grand entrance foyer. To accentuate the ombré wallpaper and its visual contrast to the geometric lines, a soft and warm lighting scheme was chosen to create a welcoming atmosphere.

The lighting design scheme is discreetly integrated with dazzling decorative fixtures and ornate interior design. Our lighting design approach also focused on subtly highlighting the curated design and materials utilised in the space. This is achieved through minimalist architectural lighting that responds to sophisticated decorative lighting, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.

Key fact

With an average ceiling height of 3.3 to 3.5 meters, our design team has chosen 35mm diameter trimness downlights as the main light source to compose the lighting layers of the space.


Key fact

The design delicately selected the lamp sources of the ornamental lighting fixture and considered how the design could create a sense of depth and dimension inside the room.


Key fact

The lighting design both enhanced the space's natural light during the day and created a dynamic indoor environment at night.


Pete wearing a dark round neck tee and cardigan outside in front of greenery

Pete Shing

Principal, Lighting Design

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Our lighting design highlights aesthetic flourishes that imbue Kitin with identity, successfully creating a harmonious atmosphere and elevated sensorial environment.