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Cundall APAC Lighting team received multiple recognitions at LIT Lighting Design Awards 2023

Asia 12 December 2023

Building on our success in 2022, Cundall APAC Lighting teams have once again demonstrated their exceptional talent for innovative lighting designs, receiving international recognition across four distinct categories at the prestigious 2023 LIT Lighting Design Awards.

Gym Town Hong Kong
won the Healthcare Lighting Design Award and 99 Mount Street Sydney won the Workplace Lighting Design Award.

The LIT Award acknowledges outstanding lighting design and implementation. This year, the Award has placed a special emphasis on sustainable practices within the realm of lighting design.

Both projects exhibited our innovative approach to illuminating interior spaces, utilising understanding of the occupant experience, elevating wellbeing and strategic use of smart lighting control systems to transform spaces and harmonise with architectural and interior design approaches.

"I am proud that our team's ability to create captivating ambiances that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of interior environments was duly recognized internationally," said Pete Shing, Cundall Principal Designer and Hong Kong Lighting lead.

Cundall Associate and Australia Lighting Lead, Bettina Easton, says the recognition for 99 Mount Street demonstrates the importance of lighting design in transforming existing spaces and elevating amenities.

“The end-of-trip facility project showed that a small budget can achieve a five star result and help an ageing existing building to retain its relevance in a competitive post-Covid property market,” she said.

In addition, The Kitin Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong and the Burra Burawa Birrung Gili public art project (a collaboration with First Nations Knowledge-Holders Uncle James Carrol and Matt Fellingham) in Parramatta, NSW, Australia received Honourable Mentions in Bar and Restaurant Lighting Design and Entertainment Lighting design, respectively.

Having these projects recognised by the international judges reinforces our reputation for excellence in lighting design and demonstrates the impact of thoughtful and creative lighting solutions across a range of contexts.

Congratulations to the respective teams for their outstanding achievements and their dedication to continuing to illuminate the world with their visionary designs.