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Azure 80

A lighting design manifesting elegance and sophistication while seamlessly integrating interior design and resolving architectural constraints.

An inviting entrance with elegant glass door and warmly illuminated interior

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


Luk Hing Entertainment Group


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Azure 80, located in Tsim Sha Tsui, offers Shanghainese and Sichuan cuisine with a stunning view of Victoria Harbour. Cundall’s lighting team created a bespoke lighting scheme to seamlessly integrate with the interior design inspired by a classic Chinese folktale. Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of interior features and materials, the illumination maximises spatial value and elevates a sense of majesty and sophistication.

A unique architectural constraint, whereby where more than half of the ceiling needed to maintain its original condition was transformed into a positive, Guests are immersed in ancient culture, including feature elements such as graceful draperies, delicate lighting, and handcrafted furniture. We tailored a dimmable lighting arrangement with a control system, to enable flexibility of ambience and achieve aesthetic balance with the exterior outlooks.

“Working closely with the interior designers we devised a precise lighting scheme that fully utilised the adjacent decorative structures, seamlessly merging the original ceiling design with the interior aesthetics. This resulted in a distinctive feature that enhances the overall elegance and refinement of the dining experience.” Pete Shing, Head of Lighting, Hong Kong.

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The wooden feature wall in the private dining room echoes the theme of the Chinese folktale. Through the clever interplay of light and shadow, its intricate carvings are accentuated, enhancing the sense of majesty.


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Every nook and cranny of the restaurant immerses the diners in ancient Chinese culture, with exquisite features such as graceful draperies, delicate lighting, and handcrafted furniture.


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We have designed three lighting preset scenes that offer flexibility to create the perfect atmosphere, striving for a harmonious balance with the magnificent harbour view.


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Pete Shing

Principal, Lighting Design

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Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of interior features and materials, lighting design plays a pivotal role in crafting the perception and ambience of space.