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Cundall Lighting team luminaries in International Design Awards 2023, redefining lifestyle and hospitality lighting design

Asia 02 February 2024

Projects (left to right): Azure 80, GYM Town, Kitin

Photo collage of Azure 80 (left), GYM Town (middle) and Kitni (Right). Lighting design is showcased on each image.

Cundall’s Hong Kong lighting team has achieved brilliant recognition in the highly-competitive fields of lifestyle and hospitality design at the prestigious International Design Awards (IDA) 2023, a globally-recognised award that celebrates exceptional achievements in design across multiple disciplines.

Our team’s commitment to design excellence attained three accolades: Gym Town was the Gold Winner in sports and recreational interior lighting design, and Azure 80 and The Kitin were selected as Silver and Bronze Winners respectively for hospitality interior lighting design.

The exceptional design vision for these projects exemplifies how human-centric lighting design significantly enhances the overall user experience in different contexts.

Gym Town, designed in collaboration with M.R Studio, displays our ability to seamlessly integrate lighting with an interior design, echoing the Martian themes. Led by Pete Shing, Cundall lighting tailored a unique lighting scheme, including miniature ceiling downlights and intricate decorative light fixtures, complementing the signature tangerine palette of the walls, to create a captivating ambiance and enhance the user experience of health and fitness.

In the Hospitality Interior Lighting Design category, Azure 80 was awarded as the e Silver Winner. Inspired by a classic Chinese folktale, this project exhibited our proficiency in creating bespoke lighting schemes that enhanced the interior design by Minus Workshop. Our lighting arrangement maximises spatial value and creates a sense of majesty and sophistication, while a dimmable lighting system allows for flexibility in ambiance and a harmonious balance with the exterior views.

The Bronze Winner award for The Kitin, another accolade in the Hospitality Interior Lighting Design category demonstrates the value of a trust-based relationship with the project partner, MR Studio. We exemplified our ability to transform a space and set pioneering standards to elevate the refined dining experience. The nuanced lighting design also caters to diverse moods, enhancing the overall interior concept of sophisticated grace and curated opulence.

“We are grateful to receive the recognition from the IDA judging committee. These commendations further solidify Cundall's position as a leading lighting design consultancy and manifest our passion and ability to create captivating ambiances that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of interior environments,” said Pete Shing, Cundall Principal Designer and Hong Kong Lighting lead.

“These extraordinary achievements at the IDA Design Awards 2023 recognise our continued effort to strive for excellence in lifestyle and hospitality lighting design. Cundall will continue to shape the future of the industry, setting new standards of excellence and elevating the field.”