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JOYCE Harbour City

Expressing identity through creative lighting effects and illuminating the new home for JOYCE in the Harbour City.
The clothing display area, a sofa was placed in the centre and clothes are displayed on the wall behind the sofa. Tailor-made downlight fixture can be seen on the metal mesh ceiling.

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Hong Kong, China




Paola Navone

JOYCE is a fashion retailer specialising in the franchising of fashion and cosmetic designer brands, located in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Italian Architect Paola Navone provided a bold new interior design for the boutique that expresses the brand identity. Our lighting design team developed a bespoke lighting design that reflects and enhances the new JOYCE interior design aesthetic.

Different lighting layers were composed to create unique lighting effects. These are connected to Bluetooth which enables client control of lighting via an app. Specific design features included a tailor-made downlight fixture which enhances the metal mesh ceiling, and colour change linear light gliding through the whole store. Through our customised pre-set programmes, clients can adjust different brightness and colour temperatures in the VIP fitting room to simulate a range of events and settings – creating a truly bespoke customer experience.

"It was our honour to be part of this exciting project. We tailored our downlight fixtures to match Paola Navone’s signature interior design, complementing the metal mesh ceiling and ensuring colour changing linear lights run through the entire store. We composed the various lighting layers to create a unique effect that provides an unparalleled customer experience." Pete Shing, Principal Designer.

Key fact

Lighting fixtures are connected to Bluetooth, enabling easy control through an app.


Key fact

A tailor-made downlight fixture was implemented as a major design feature.


Key fact

Lighting brightness and colour temperature can be adjusted in the VIP fitting room.


Pete wearing a dark round neck tee and cardigan outside in front of greenery

Pete Shing

Principal, Lighting Design

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Our exquisite lighting systems and design flawlessly blend into the interior design, enhancing the whole customer experience.