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Lighting design merges with art to transform dining into an enchanting, immersive sensory journey.

AOAO bar counter with spotlighting and wall is decorated with green gemstones.

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Hong Kong, China




430 Ltd

AOAO, a contemporary Japanese izakaya & rooftop bar located in Central, fuses dining with immersive art and music within a gemstone-inspired interior. Working with 430 Ltd, the Cundall team crafted the lighting design to create a captivating atmosphere. Inspired by the rich hues of natural gemstones, a smooth concrete at the entrance beckons visitors towards an intriguing journey into a dining space imagined as an enchanting greenery realm.

The interplay of lighting upon a feature wall of resin art creates varying shades of green shadows and reflections, elevating the overall sensory journey. Through the synergy of innovative lighting techniques, dynamic scenes, and unwavering attention to detail, the Cundall lighting design team transcended the ordinary, allowing diners to engage with an opulent world of beauty and serenity.

"Our lighting design seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a cohesive and enchanting dining experience. By harmonising with the influence of natural daylight, our tunable white lighting fixtures bring the desired ambiance to life, ensuring every moment, from lunchtime to twilight, is a captivating journey for our guests." Pete Shing, Head of Lighting, Hong Kong.

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All lighting fixtures are equipped with tunable white lighting technology, enabling adjustments of the colour temperature output to match the natural light and create a dynamic atmosphere throughout the day.


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The placement of the projector lights is thoughtfully considered to avoid interfering with the dining experience while accentuating the theme of the space.


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A rotating stone illustration projecting the four characters of AOAO through resin images of various shapes and sizes at the entrance.


Pete wearing a dark round neck tee and cardigan outside in front of greenery

Pete Shing

Principal, Lighting Design

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The beauty of this project lies in the meticulous attention to detail. These carefully crafted nuances elevate the dining experience and transform the space into something truly extraordinary.