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Al Ain football stadium at dusk, with evening lighting and empty seating
stadium pitch plan

Sport and Leisure

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We deliver flexible design solutions that meet the complex requirements of today’s leisure and sports facilities.

Sports and leisure facilities are amongst the most demanding environments to design due to the variations in climate conditions and physical wear and tear.

By taking a multi-disciplinary approach we deliver high-quality venues. These include rugby stadia, athletics tracks, theatres and cultural buildings that meet the comfort, safety and performance needs of all users. We are also experienced in designing for modern data communications and broadcast facilities.

Our specialist disciplines include energy-saving measures and ensuring the security of people and assets.

Al Ain Football Stadium
Al Ain Football Stadium in the desert at night

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Jonnie Allen underneath a tree with buildings in the background

Jonnie Allen



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Today’s sports and leisure facilities need to have a wow factor, be space efficient and sustainable. Flexibility is also crucial as many now operate as multi-purpose venues and are home to concerts, exhibitions and even vaccination centres.