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Deakin University Sports Science Building, Burwood

Bespoke building services engineering and sustainability expertise for a multi-function sports science research and training facility.
CGI, external building from across a large lawn


Melbourne, Australia


Deakin University


DS Architects

Located at the Deakin University Burwood Campus, the Exercise and Sports Science Building is a four-storey facility incorporating indoor running tracks, teaching and learning spaces, staff office areas, treatment rooms and a high-tech climate chamber. The chamber’s internal environment can be controlled to assess an athlete's response to different temperature, elevation and humidity conditions.

We ensured the building has been designed for low energy use, including undertaking JV3 modelling of the building fabric and analysis to ensure the façade was optimised for daylighting and thermal performance. The facility utilises the campus’ central energy plant also designed by Cundall, and includes the installation of solar PV array to further reduce mains energy use and operating costs.

"A building with such specific uses, including the large volume space hosting the running track and the 100m2 climate chamber, required an innovative and customised approach to building services. We took as our starting point the goal of ensuring optimal energy-efficiency, and understanding the physics of how building fabric and internal spaces would perform was key to the design solution." Garrit Schot, Director.

Key fact

The indoor running track is equipped with advanced video capture and analysis technology.


Key fact

Advanced modelling and innovative engineering design enabled an energy-efficient solution to be developed to manage ventilation and thermal comfort.


Key fact

A bespoke control system was incorporated to serve the specific needs of the wide variety of spaces including the climate chambers.


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Garrit Schot

Partner, Building Services

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Holistic engineering design enabled us to ensure this building provides a high-performance environment while ensuring low energy costs.