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Futian International Sports & Cultural Exchange Centre

Rubik’s Cube-inspired cultural and sports complex to compete in Shenzhen’s architecture design competition.
External view of the building with the “Dynamic Rubik’s Cube” design

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Futian, Mainland, China


Futian District Bureau of Culture, Sport, Tourism, Radio and Television Shenzhen CAPOL International & Associates Co., Ltd.


iNgAmE Office

Takuma Frenchman

Cundall was invited by architects iNgAmE and Tekuma Frenchman to participate an international competition to create a cultural and sports complex for Futian District, Shenzhen, China. The goal was to create an international, inclusive, innovative, and future-facing “Dynamic Rubik’s Cube” which portrays Shenzhen’s stylistic spirit. This project is designed to be a stacked public social and sport space for the local residents.

To accommodate the architectural proposal and associated site constraints, our structural design had created a structural system with multi-storey mega trusses and hanging columns in order to achieve a balanced design between architectural programme and engineering efficiency.

Dong Chen, Director, commented, "We are honoured to be teaming up with architects iNgAmE and Tekuma Frenchman to create a distinctive “Dynamic Rubik’s Cube” design for the city’s architecture design competition. Our structure team were key in meeting the engineering challenges of this design.”

Key fact

The design features a “Dynamic Rubik’s Cube” structure.


Key fact

Light-weight high-capacity structural material was adopted in this design.


Key fact

The building is designed to be the home of prestigious international professional events.


Dong Chen in black jumper with office wall background

Dong Chen

Partner, Structural Engineering

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Working with the architect, we were able to reimagine the cultural and sports centre with an innovative design approach.