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Zhuhai Banzhang Mountain Footbridge and Observation Tower

A dramatic 625m long footbridge connecting the eastern and western mountains of the Banzhang Mountain Trail.
Zhuhai Ban Zhang Mountain Bridge at night with lighting


Zhuhai, Mainland, China


Holmes Miller


Holmes Miller

The Banzhang Mountain Footbridge spans 625m in length, connecting the eastern and western mountains of the Banzhang Mountain Trail. It features a spectacular 25m tall spiral walkway and a 230m bridge crossing over an existing highway. The unique design of the footbridge and spiral walkway reflects a dynamic architectural and aesthetic statement, and an engineering masterpiece.

There is art in the way the footbridge’s curvy geometry balances form and function. We implemented a conventional steel girder for steady performance, with steel composite and reinforced concrete to address the footbridge’s complex shape and workload. The spiral walkway tower structure combines a steel exoskeleton and internal reinforced concrete lift core to follow the deck geometry and achieve overall lateral stability.

"Our multi-disciplinary consultant team adopted cutting-edge systems and technologies to accommodate the complex geometry of this structure. We strived to enhance the project’s overall stability, efficiency and appearance, while also reducing construction waste. Given the long-span and lightweight design of the structure, we also used a Fourier Series function to model pedestrian comfort levels." Dong Chen, Director.

Key fact

Conventional steel box girder used for footbridge and spiral walkway in combination with steel composite and concrete composites to realise the details of the structural and architectural design.


Key fact

The bridge and tower connect the eastern and western mountains of the trail.


Key fact

A Fourier series function was carried out for assessing the pedestrian comfort levels experienced while walking, jogging and running.


Dong Chen in black jumper with office wall background

Dong Chen

Partner, Structural Engineering

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The Banzhang Mountain Footbridge is a unique structure featuring spiral geometries designed to satisfy multiple requirements while complying with local and international guidelines.