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Shenzhen ShaJing River Bridge

Using innovative parametric design to create a striking centrepiece for the Shenzhen Shajing River Bluepath revitalisation project.
 Image of the bridge and greenery and a public seating area was placed besides the bridge

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Shenzhen, Mainland, China


Shenzhen Hope Design Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Hope Design Co., Ltd

The bridge at Songgang River Estuary is a centrepiece in the Shenzhen Shajing River Bluepath masterplanning project. The overall rejuvenation of the area incorporates industrial upgrades, environmental improvements, and the transformation of the old industrial zone. Cundall’s structural engineering design was guided by the concept of “bringing the water, the industry, and the city together”. It is a bespoke, iconic design embracing multi-dimensional elements to revitalize the riverbank and its surroundings.

Our design inspiration for the bridge deck was the shape of a horseshoe which connects to the banks on both sides of the river and then rises to the midpoint where the access lift is located. We utilised a parametric modelling approach to resolve the tension cables during successive design iterations, and this digital design capability also enhanced workflow collaboration with the architects and Chinese LDI.

"We utilised an innovative parametric modelling approach to handle tension cables during design iterations which enhanced workflow collaboration between the architects and Chinese LDI." Dong Chen, Director.

Key fact

The bridge deck was designed in a horseshoe shape.


Key fact

Parametric modelling was used to resolve design of the tension cables during successive design iterations.


Key fact

The use of digitised design processes facilitated collaboration with the architect, construction team and stakeholders.


Dong Chen in black jumper with office wall background

Dong Chen

Partner, Structural Engineering

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The unique horseshoe-shaped bridge design is a truly original highlight that helps to revitalise the riverbank and its surroundings.