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Curtin University Masterplan

Planning for delivery of the connected, inclusive, low-carbon, technology-enabled campus of the future.
Artist's impression of Curtin University walkway in use.

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Perth, Australia


Curtin University

The Greater Curtin University masterplan is an evolving and ongoing project to transform the Bentley Campus into a ‘City of Innovation’. This 6 Star Green Star Communities masterplan delivers a multi-faceted hub for industry innovation, social connection and community engagement. The vision is underpinned by advanced sustainability thinking, technological innovation and a commitment to universal design and inclusive accessibility.

We have provided ongoing Sustainability consulting since 2018. Our strategic design advice and Green Star Consulting services combined with client ambitions resulted in a rating rise from the initial 5 Star Green Star Communities in 2015 to 6 Star Green Star Communities in 2020. Cundall Security has also provided advice on crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).

"As Green Star consultants, this project requires us to be across the whole spectrum of technology, materials and social aspects of sustainability. That includes understanding how people move, act and behave in a space and incorporating that into ESD-focused masterplanning. Our work here has a 30-year timeframe – it is exciting to imagine what the future holds." Oliver Grimaldi, Associate.

Key fact

Low-carbon transport includes an autonomous, driverless electric bus.


Key fact

A smart precinct framework underpins communications, data connectivity and energy across the campus.


Key fact

Universal design principles and universal access embedded across campus for social inclusion.


Oliver Grimaldi in suit in front of office entrance glass doors

Oliver Grimaldi

Associate Director, Sustainability

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Universities are where invention finds its source, so it is inspiring to be part of Curtin’s ongoing sustainability evolution.