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Peer Review and Design Monitoring

Using Cundall’s depth of experience to support our clients with technical peer reviews and design monitoring

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Many including Colo and Hyperscale

Within the critical systems team, we use our depth of experience and understanding of data centres to support our clients with the peer review and monitoring of new designs. This role often includes reviews of other consultant or contractor designs at all stages in the design and project delivery stages.

Monitoring roles have included: the peer review of a consultant’s design of a 96MWIT data centre; localisation reviews of a client’s in-house design to suit local country requirements, monitoring of factory / site-based testing and monitoring of a contractor design (D&B) for a data centre cooling system test rig.

Key fact

Our CS team has an enviable depth of knowledge and experience


Key fact

We can also provide resident engineer services where required.


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Andrew Moore

Partner, Critical Systems

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We aim to work collaboratively with, not only our client, but also the parties we are monitoring to ensure the BoD requirements are met.