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Building Automation

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We design, specify and upgrade building automation systems to create optimised environments that occupiers can easily monitor and control.

At Cundall, we offer unbiased building automation services advice.

Our services span small boiler rooms to fully integrated solutions for large-scale developments. We work by minimising capital expenditure and achieving operational savings through building efficiencies.

We start by researching the entire building management and control systems market to source the best solutions for our client. By specifying open systems wherever possible, we help avoid reliance on one manufacturer.

We work closely with clients and design teams to develop the design brief, and undertake competitive tenders and reviews. Our team also oversees the construction installation process and supervises commissioning and handover to the end user.

A+E Network
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Key contact

Head and sholders shot of Dan Bennett in blue shirt and black trousers with buildings in back ground

Dan Bennett

Director, Building Automation


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We want to design buildings that work operationally, effectively and efficiently in real life, as they were designed. Our role is to act as a guide through this process.