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Innovation, Research and Development

Cundall is at the forefront of innovation within the data centre design field. We work closely with both clients and vendors to develop pioneering engineering solutions.

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North America, EMEA


Data centre operators and equipment vendors

As engineers we love to investigate new technologies and ways of doing things. We always have an eye on new industry developments and technology trends. We don’t just watch the industry though; we work with vendors and clients to develop and implement new concepts.

Cundall designed one of the first indirect air-cooled data centres in Ireland, and one of the first in the UK.

We have also worked with a client and vendor to develop a new evaporative cooling solution that has subsequently been deployed on two hyperscale data centre projects.

We also look at innovation in how projects are deployed. This has led to increasing the percentage of off-site pre-fabricated equipment and systems for many of our projects.

Where we can, we use digital tools, either existing products or ones we have developed ourselves to help improve design accuracy and speed up the cadence of innovation.

In the move to zero carbon, we are also looking at ways to decarbonise data centres. This includes the removal of diesel generation by replacing with alternatives such as battery energy storage (BESS) and hydrogen power turbines.

Key fact

Cundall has recently worked with Iceotope to review and compare liquid cooling equipment against conventional air cooling.


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BESS (battery energy storage) offers opportunities to not only back-up the DC, but also to help support the grid and generate additional income for the client.


Key fact

Cundall worked with Excool and Munters to evaluate the effectiveness of their Indirect Air-Cooling solutions.


We believe strongly that we need to invest in innovation to accelerate our transition to Zero Carbon.



Green Data Centre of the Year


Special Contribution to Improving Energy Efficiency


Young Digital Leader of the Year


Young Mission Critical Engineer of the Year

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