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Cundall wins three awards at the International Architecture & Design Awards 2023

25 July 2023

Dongguan Cross Taiping Waterway Bridge

Architectural render of Dongguan Cross Taiping Waterway Bridge

Our Cundall team is so proud to have received three awards at the International Architecture & Design Awards (IADA) 2023. Organised by the Architecture & Design Community (ADC), the awards recognise distinctive designs that bring transformative impact on spaces and communities. This year, over 400 companies from 59 countries competed for the award.Cundall and our architect partners won accolades under the category of Arches, Bridges, Viaducts, and Gateways Architecture Concept.

The Gold Winner - was Dongguan Cross Taiping Waterway Bridge. The tied arch bridge was designed by Cundall in partnership with architects WilkinsonEyre and MLA + for a competition by Dongguan Binhaiwan New District Management Committee.

The judges said the design proposal showcases a remarkable blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. “The incorporation of green space spatial planning, water edge strategies, and carbon abatement highlights a deep commitment to creating a bridge that not only connects but also harmonizes with its natural surroundings,” they said. “This approach not only enhances the overall visual appeal but also promotes a healthier and more sustainable environment.“

The focus on multi-modal travel and the inclusion of dedicated spaces for pedestrians, bicycles, public transportation, and cars showcase a thoughtful and inclusive approach to transportation design. The creation of a two-story slow platform not only enhances the pedestrian experience but also offers breathtaking views of the bay, making the journey more engaging and enjoyable."

Jinhua Hepan Bridge

Architectural render of Jinhua Hepan Bridge

Jinhua Hepan Bridge designed by Cundall and architects WilkinsonEyre was recognised as a Bronze Winner.

The judges said the bridge “truly captivates with its elegant design and harmoniously connects the urban landscape of Jinhua City with the natural beauty of the surrounding Jinhua River.”

“One of the standout features of the bridge is the unique split pylon design. This innovative architectural choice not only adds a distinctive character but also introduces a delicate balance of forces. The interplay between the cables and the asymmetrical tension creates a mesmerizing visual effect, symbolizing the bridge's resilience and strength."

The third accolade was an Honourable Mention for the Dongguan Yingbin Bridge, which was inspired by the dragon boat culture of Dongguan. Cundall and architects MLA+ teamed up to design the pedestrian bridge which has a structure that portrays both the robust framework and sleek lines of a dragon boat.

We are honoured to have been recognised at the IADA 2023,” said Dong Chen, Cundall Director, Structures Asia . “The awards demonstrate the passion and creativity of our structural team who continue to push the boundaries of the possible with design. Using parametric modelling and digital engineering, we created innovative, optimised, and structurally sound architectures that enhance the experience of people while minimising embodied carbon and environmental impact.”

Wilkinson Eyre’s Hong Kong Director, Matthew Potter, says bridges have the power to transform the way we experience a place, elevating the act of movement from one point to another. “Our work with Cundall in designing these award-winning bridges embodies this concept,” Matthew said. “We extend our gratitude to the IADA 2023 committee for recognising our collaborative efforts.”

Ruizhi Cao, Associate Director China from MLA+ said, “Beyond its functional purpose, the beauty of a bridge lies in its ability to enhance the landscape, harmonise with its surroundings, and connect people with nature. Following our success at IADA 2023, we remain committed to shaping the urban environment and designing architectures of the highest standards.”