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We provide independent, vendor neutral smart building consulting services and are committed to finding the right smart solution for our clients.

How we approach smart technology in buildings depends on whether our clients are developers, landlords, or a tenants. This influences the investment approach, benefits and the final operational experience.

As a landlord or developer, it is important to ensure that existing real estate portfolio and new projects are market relevant and future ready. We understand the pressures our clients face from sustainability accreditations, the cost of facilities management and the changing expectations of tenants occupying their buildings. We have one clear goal, to maintain the value of our client’s assets into the future.

Landlords, developers and tenants are reassessing the role of the workplace post pandemic. By taking a proactive approach to smart, our clients can give employees and potential tenants more choice and control of their working environment. This includes workplace utilisation and having a responsive environment that supports productivity.

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Annie Nguyen

Associate Director, Building Automation


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Having the right strategy for smart in place adds considerable value. You can futureproof your estates by having a technology led strategy which helps attract premium yields and tenants.