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Dan Bennett

Director, Building Automation

Dan Bennett in kitchen area working on a laptop

The transition from an electrician to a building automation engineer and then to a consultant has fuelled my passion for nurturing careers and providing leadership. With a natural inclination for logical thinking and problem-solving, engineering became my chosen path. Leading the building automation team at Cundall has been rewarding, allowing me to work on diverse projects across sectors and offices. My experience in AV, building automation, and IT has amplified my enthusiasm for technology, positioning me to lead our smart buildings team.

Engineering excellence

I've completed numerous ground breaking projects on a global scale. As the smart buildings and workplace sectors continue to advance, I have collaborated closely with clients to uncover their challenges and implement tailored solutions to advance their building and workplace environments. By integrating traditional building control systems with cloud connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) frameworks, advanced analytics, control software, and fault detection and diagnostics, I have proposed solutions that elevate the efficiency and performance of building.


My team and I work globally across all sectors and regions. I take great pride in the team spirit and strong work ethic exhibited by our AV, Building Automation, IT, and Smart team both internally and externally. From Edinburgh to Melbourne, we seamlessly collaborate as a single team to bring the correct solution to the project.

Head and sholders shot of Dan Bennett in blue shirt and black trousers with buildings in back ground

Dan Bennett

Director, Building Automation



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