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Steven Fry-Harris

Associate Director, IT and AV

Stephen Fry Harris in meeting point at a poster to a colleague

I have worked in IT and AV for over 20 years and globally across a range of markets and sectors on some award-winning projects. IT and AV has always presented me with an opportunity to simplify technical challenges for clients, explore digital tools and demonstrate the range of benefits we can deliver in smart buildings and smart cities.


Collaboration is key for me, as it helps to understand the drivers of other disciplines and the impact IT and AV can have on other disciplines. Communication and teamwork are important to me through all stages of a project to ensure I maximise the benefit of my discipline and improve the delivery of others.


I am passionate about approaching challenges from different angles and using collaboration to seek different opinions. Thinking creatively differentiates what I do: learning from experience, educating myself in new ideas and daring to be different when a challenge needs a disruptor.

Stephen Fry-Harris on sofa arm with marble backgrounf

Steven Fry-Harris

Associate Director, IT and AV


+44 (0)20 7438 1600

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