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Odour Consulting

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We deliver consulting advice for development proposals near to existing odour sources, or schemes involving potentially odorous processes.

Odour can be an important issue for planning, where proposals include locating sensitive receptors close to potential sources of odour emissions. In the absence of any statutory limits, guidance limits can be referred to.

Local authorities are required to investigate odour public nuisance complaints and have the power to take enforcement action against any property owners identified as the source.

Our odour modelling is based on predicted or monitored emissions and includes assessing the perceived odour nuisance once a scheme is complete. Where issues are identified, we conduct sniff testing where we physically monitor perceived odour levels in the area. We then advise on mitigation measures.

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Glyn Hodgkiss in blue shirt with acoustics feature background

Glyn Hodgkiss

Air Quality Associate


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Odour consulting is a highly effective way for you to avoid future issues and build goodwill with residents. This is particularly important for certain types of potentially odorous industrial processes.