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5-7 Havelock Terrace

Redevelopment of an exemplar architectural building to provide flexible office and studio space in a historic Battersea location.

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London, United Kingdom


Workspace Group PLC


Squire and Partners

Located in the heart of Battersea, 16-storey high-rise tower development will offer contemporary office, studio and light-industrial space for the local community. Cundall’s multi-disciplinary team has been deployed across all aspects of the project, progressing to a RIBA Stage 2 level of detail to inform the planning application for the development. The structural design has been made as lean as possible and adopts high quantities of cement replacement to minimise embodied carbon. The civils design will incorporate blue roofing, with the dual functionality of attenuating surface water run-off and providing passive irrigation to the green roofed areas. Attenuation storage will be installed within the basement, allowing the management of rainwater runoff via a gravity system without the need for additional pumping.

Appropriate flood resilience measures to account for the location of the building within Flood Zone 3 will also be incorporated into the design. On-site power generation is achieved via roof-mounted photo-voltaic (PV) units. Full control and monitoring of services provision and local energy consumption will be achieved via a building management system (BMS) system with central head and local outstations and controllers. Acoustic and air quality design advice has informed the suitability of the natural ventilation strategy, as well as principles to manage noise emission to surrounding residential properties.

David Kinghorn, mechanical lead on the project, said “A passive approach to building services design will exploit daylight availability and maximise natural ventilation where possible. The building services will be designed on a modular basis with a strong focus on a partnering energy efficient façade. This will deliver a low-carbon building capable of providing a specification to Category A with full fit-out flexibility for potential tenants.”

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The scheme is targeting BREEAM Outstanding and an “A” rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The scheme also satisfies the requirements of The London Plan and GLA energy performance targets.


Key fact

A passive approach to building services design will exploit daylight availability and maximise natural ventilation where possible.


Key fact

Raingardens and tree installation around the perimeter of the building at ground level will provide multifunctional benefits to the biodiversity and amenity of the site


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David Rivers

Associate Director, London Structures

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Workspace’s vision for this project is to provide an exemplar architectural building that will celebrate the history of its Battersea location. Cundall are delighted to have this opportunity to collaborate in delivering such a vital addition to the local business and creative communities.