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Peter Stocks

Partner, Building Services

Peter Stocks in front of office in a dark suit and white shirt

I studied chemical engineering at Leeds University, followed by a Master’s at Imperial College London. I loved the city so much I ended up staying! However, my interest lay in buildings, and I became involved in building services (initially in thermal modelling of buildings) prior to joining Cundall. I am currently a member of the Technical Affairs committee of the British Council of Offices (BCO) and have been involved in a variety of BCO publications, seminars and conferences.

Creativity through engineering

I enjoy pushing boundaries when we can and was involved in two of the UK's first large-scale, naturally ventilated offices (Longmans HQ Harlow, and Inland Revenue in Durrington on Sea). Both of these were immensely successful, award-winning projects.


I am never happier than when I’m involved in early concept meetings with other designers, establishing the best solutions for clients. I have relished being involved in many buildings for British Airways, Vodafone and other blue-chip companies, as well as working with most of the major developers throughout my career.

Peter Stocks in a suit and white shirt in front of stoage and office planting

Peter Stocks

Partner, Building Services


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