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BCO Key Design Criteria Update 2022

Thought Leadership

Mike Gosling in a suit with office eating area background

Michael Gosling

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Peter Stocks in a suit and white shirt in front of stoage and office planting

Peter Stocks

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Simon Wyatt in front of office facade in a dark suit and blue shirt

Simon Wyatt

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What do the proposed updates to the BCO key design criteria mean for the future design of offices?

BCO have published a position paper detailing the proposed updates to the Guide to Specification. Last published in 2019, the Guide to Specification document is to inform clients and designers of how best to specify the performance of new workspace.

Michael Gosling, sat down with fellow partners Simon Wyatt and Peter Stocks to explain the changes and what impact it will have on the way offices are designed. Simon who is a member of the BCO ESG Group discusses the drive towards net zero carbon and Peter, member of the BCO Technical Affairs Committee, shares his insight into the impact it will have on attracting new tenants and how the space is used and interacted with.