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Matt Marshall and Anesah Begam are part of International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)

Asia 25 October 2022

Matt Marshall, Head of Lighting Design, Singapore, and Anesah Begam, Lighting Designer have been recognised as Professional Member and Associate Member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD).

The IALD is the international professional association for architectural lighting designers. All IALD members are renowned for their distinctive blend of aesthetic and technical expertise. With a network of 1,500 members globally, the association aims to work with the utmost integrity to improve the world through leadership and remarkable lighting design, cultivating the universal appreciation of the power of light in human existence.

Cundall Lighting Design
is a group of diverse and talented lighting designers. The lighting design team is enthusiastic about aesthetics and aspires to merge lighting design and technology with the philosophy of designing for people, responding with light, and delivering detail.

With their passion for lighting, Matt and Anesah have delivered outstanding projects across the regions, such as the exclusive private residential development in Surabaya, Indonesia, the iconic conservation shophouse in Singapore and luxury hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia. They have demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of light science and how to integrate cutting-edge technology with the power of lighting.

Matt commented, "It is an honour for me to become a professional member of the IALD. I am excited to work with the excellent lighting designers in the association. I will continue to strive for industrial excellence and contribute to the effort to promote sustainable development.”