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Surabaya Private Residence

High-end residential development located in Surabaya, Indonesia.

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Surabaya, Indonesia


Private and Confidential


K2LD Architects Singapore

Located in the vibrant metropolis of Surabaya, this high-end residential development boasts various living and retreat spaces including dedicated spa and gym areas. Comprising three levels including a basement, this project is built on a small plot of land measuring 519sqm with an overall building gross floor area of approximately 1265sqm. It also includes three bedrooms along with an additional master suite.

The design team consisting of the architect and Cundall’s lighting designers proposed an intricate spiral staircase which connects all three levels. It features a backlit soffit using a membrane that follows the organic shapes of the structure, complementing the sophisticated nature of the building. Additionally, the team has implemented a Casambi wireless Bluetooth system which allows the owners to locally or remotely control all internal and external lighting and monitor usage via an application-based technology.

During this project, our team faced constraints of global travel restrictions as well as local construction issues due to COVID-19. Despite these disruptions, we were able to resolve the challenges quickly and deliver a high quality lighting project to our client.

Key fact

The Casambi wireless Bluetooth system allows the owners to manage all indoor and exterior lights and monitor usage remotely


Key fact

The spiral staircase has a backlit soffit made of a membrane that follows the curves of the structure


Matt Marshall with plants and building in background

Matt Marshall

Principal, Lighting Design

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Despite these obstacles and limitations, we have achieved high levels of collaboration and produced a lighting solution of the finest quality.