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ActiveScore AP in Asia

Asia 24 August 2022

Vincent Kong, Sustainability Engineer, has become one of the first ActiveScore Accredited Professionals (AP) in Asia.

ActiveScore is a global standard for active travel which helps people understand how well a building is equipped for active travel.

The ActiveScore Certification assesses, certifies, and enhances active travel facilities and services in real estate.

It encourages building developers, designers and operators to adopt designs that provide amenities such as bike parking, changing rooms, showers, and signage which benefit building occupants who choose to cycle or walk as their mode of commuting.

Using the ActiveScore design standard as a guideline, building developers can upgrade their active travel facilities to achieve a higher ActiveScore rating on the certification. The more active travel design features incorporated into the building, the more likely a building can attract tenants that value the heath, wellbeing and amenities benefits of active travelling.

Vincent commented, “I am honoured to become an ActiveScore pioneer in Asia. This is a significant moment as we see more developers and occupiers requesting ActiveScore designs in the region. ActiveScore can be the ultimate solution for traffic congestion in some of the busiest Asia cities since it encourages active travelling from the real estate perspective. The scheme will help to relieve the traffic situations as the demand for vehicles from travellers reduces.”

If you would like to know more about ActiveScore certification in Asia, please get in touch with Vincent. Alternatively, if you are keen to learn more about ActiveScore in UK and Europe, please speak to Valeria Riso who is also an ActiveScore AP.