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Cundall London – retrofitting London’s built environment for a net zero future

World Green Building Week 2022

Julian Sutherland

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Head and sholders in Robin standing in the London office

Robin Pritchett

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Gemma Christian wearing a white shirt and glasses in th main office area with wooden storage and plants behind

Gemma Christian

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Cutting emissions from the built environment is urgently needed if we are to meet our climate goals. In the race to hit carbon reduction targets, existing buildings are the key. For example, in the UK 80% of the 2050 building stock is already built.

For World Green Building Week (WGBW) 2022, Cundall’s sustainability leaders were joined by global industry leaders for a panel discussion that focused on the retrofit process and how we are going to achieve it as well as the strategies that asset owners can adopt.

Our panellist:

  • Julian Sutherland
  • Robin Pritchett
  • Gemma Christian
  • Dan Higginson
  • J-J Lorraine