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The Future of our City

This workshop will build on the momentum for sustainable change and the output of COP26 to design the future of Edinburgh.

Interactive Workshop

Edinburgh city with the clocktower lit and car lights, with a network illustration overlaid.
26 November 2021
08:30 - 10:30 Europe/London
SpACE , Lauriston Fire Station
76-78 Lauriston Place

Please join us at spACE as we join together to design and conceptualise the future of Edinburgh. We will be selecting 4 different sections of the city to work on, in alignment with Edinburgh Council’s 2030 plan.

Each of the four tables will have a mixture of engineers, architects, landscape architects and students. Our goal is to design the future of the city, using the collective knowledge, expertise and creativity of those attending.

We will be exploring topics such as: low emissions zones, public transport, active travel, and green space. As well as discussing the adaptability to future climate shocks including extreme weather events, sea level rise, food risk and erosion. And question how the developments relate to and connect with the surrounding area.


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