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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Women in Engineering By Annabelle Morris, Marketing Executive – 23 June 2022

Collage of our inspiring women engineers at Cundall


Annabelle Morris in office

Annabelle Morris

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International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) takes place on 23 June each year. It is a chance to celebrate the amazing work being done by female engineers around the world.

At Cundall, we are proud to have many diverse and talented engineers across the business, each offering their best, most innovative selves every day.

As an industry we must provide positive, relatable role models to young people and showcase the wide range of opportunities that exist. One of the best ways that we can encourage women to join the industry is by showcasing the voices of our own women.

In celebration of 2022’s International Women in Engineering Day, we have spoken to four of our inspirational engineers from across the globe. Each engineer shares insights into some of the projects they are most proud of and why they chose to pursue a career in engineering.

One of the questions we asked each of them is “what advice do you have for young engineers?”

Chaoming Yu, Associate Director, Singapore

“I would say that passion and curiosity are key. Passion gives a person the power to go a long way in this career and curiosity helps an engineer to develop and continue to learn new technology and skills in this field. Think about why you wanted to be an engineer and what you can do to make this world better.”

Barbara Sacha, Design Management Partner, London

“My advice would be to find good mentors. It's about identifying people that work well for you and will inspire you. Also don’t limit yourself to one mentor, you need that variety.”

Celine Cannam, Principal Engineer, Sydney

“Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions, focus on the details and make sure you understand the fundamentals of what we do as engineers. A big portion our day-to-day is collaborating with different disciplines and being able to understand where they are coming from and what their design intent is. The most successful projects are ones where everyone has worked together, and the solutions are not just driven by a single discipline.”

Bushra Anwar, Associate, Dubai

“My advice to young engineers entering this field would be to be yourself, give your 100% and enjoy all the challenges.”

View the International Women in Engineering Day videos below.