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Barbara Sacha

Partner, Critical Systems

Barbara Sacha in office with plants and yellow storage in background

My parents are both mechanical engineers. It’s a common profession for women in Poland so I had a lot of role models to inspire me. I was good at maths and physics so it was an obvious vocation for me. After university, I moved to Dubai, where I worked on large-scale projects for 10 years before moving to the UK (and Cundall) in 2017. Having started in mechanical engineering, I then progressed to a building services lead role before taking on a design management role.

Engineering excellence

As design managers, we are dedicated to understanding our clients’ needs and conveying them to our project teams. We have built a positive environment where communication and information flows and stakeholder management is enhanced. This enables us to deliver quality and excellence, and also guide our clients to improve their operations.


I have spent the last few years building Cundall’s design management team dedicated to the critical systems sector. I value and cherish the high levels of collaboration that we have built across and between teams. Design management and project leadership are key to the successful delivery of our projects.

Barbara Sacha in front office class and cladded building

Barbara Sacha

Partner, Critical Systems


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