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Vision and Values

Our philosophy hasn’t changed, and we hold true to the ethos espoused by the founding partners in 1976. We continue to evolve in a way that helps us serve the needs of our clients and the aspirations of our people.

Our vision

Agents of change for a sustainable world.

The best place for talent to grow and flourish.

Thought-leaders in the construction industry.

Everyone’s favourite consultants.

In striving to deliver this vision, we hold true to the values that have always underpinned our success.

These values summarise our response to the question “What makes us Cundall?”. They lie at the heart of what we do, and inform how we work with and treat each other, our clients, our communities and others who our work touches.

Our values

Staff looking at Cundall impacts on wall with moss wall behind


means that we think differently, going beyond what our clients expect to design solutions that they love. We invest our time, effort and talent in research and development, which benefits the wider industry and society, as well as our own business.

Building awards ceremony winning with Cundall staff


means striving to make every project outstanding and better than the last one. We learn from our successes and our failures and from each other. We commit to continuous self-improvement, through training and knowledge- sharing and we implement and follow robust systems and processes to help us deliver excellent work.

Cundall Dublin office café area with red seating for collaborating on projects and Cundall life


helps us build amazing teams. We talk to each other and help each other out, sharing our knowledge and expertise. We give and receive honest feedback, we build and maintain great relationships, and we have fun working with our colleagues, our industry peers and our clients.

Cundall office in Manchester with screen and staff pointing at drawings on it


means operating within a strong moral code, sticking to our promises and always giving our best to our colleagues and clients. Meeting deadlines and turning up on time matters to us, and we do our best to help others deliver on their priorities. We have difficult conversations when we need to; saying what we mean, and meaning what we say. We care about each other, and we are courteous and kind in our actions and our words.

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