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Environmental Noise and Vibration

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We work with clients to minimise the impact of, and on, developments due to noise and vibration.

Noise, by its very definition, is unwanted sound. Vibration is noise that can be felt, rather than heard.

We work with clients to help them meet their regulatory obligations and maintain environments where people can thrive.

Globally, there are multiple pieces of legislation that define how noisy or quiet an area must be. These are designed to preserve healthy environments and control the potential of developments to adversely impact local soundscapes.

Vibration can come from rail transportation or industrial sources and causes annoyance, other health effects and, in extreme circumstances, damage to buildings.

We mitigate noise and vibration in our work by taking a pragmatic design approach that ensures the solution provided is fit for purpose.

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Andrew Parkin

Partner, Acoustics


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Our experienced experts help clients get the best out of their developments by taking a pragmatic approach to environmental noise and vibration.