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Upward view of a wooden ceiling structure with glazed panels and daylight shining through

Designing for Daylight

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We intrinsically understand how sunlight arrives into a space and how to manage this natural element.

For all types of projects, sunlight must be the first and dominant form of light within the space. Sunlight has a unique quality, which we all naturally understand and feel.

It invigorates and excites us with its dynamic nature, the shadows it creates and the subtle changes in intensity and colour. Delivering these qualities to a space to also manage glare, net zero carbon thermal control and the architectural design requires early intervention, attention to detail and innovative, people-focused solutions.

Our work includes museums, galleries, workplaces, swimming pools and schools. We are leaders in using and adapting new techniques like climate-based daylight modelling and daylight glare probability.

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Natalia in a green top stood smiling to camera with a blurred office background

Natalia Duffy

Associate, Lighting Design


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Our lighting team consistently embraces new research, techniques and design tools to optimise buildings for people.