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Sohar International Bank

The new Sohar International Bank headquarters will be an architectural landmark.
External aerial view of Sohar International Bank in Muscat,Oman with trees surrounding the building. This is computer generated.



Muscat, Oman


Sohar International


Calatrava International

This new iconic headquarters building captures the essence of a leading financial institution, while providing a modern, bright and healthy environment for all staff, customers and visitors. The building was developed to offer a highly resilient infrastructure to serve the banking functions and the 400m2 white space data centre. The mobius form of the building made the selection of the internal space for the data centre and the associated support spaces very challenging, particularly with upper floors where the form made it difficult to facilitate.

Our team provided IT & AV integration and data centre consultancy services for the new head office building with a GFA of 66,000 m2. The premises’ data network integrates all the building’s operational systems, including BMS, DCIM, vertical transportation, lighting controls and security systems, which are all separated using secured VLAN. The data hall itself was placed strategically below the auditorium using the slope of this floor to create sufficient height to meet with the TIA standards without incurring an expensive structural solution.

Jim Moore, Technical Director, commented "Regular workshops were undertaken where Cundall took a lead role in the integration and coordination with domestic services to supply the data centre support spaces."

Key fact

Evaluation of the most cost-effective solution for cooling was made, resulting in the selection of a resilient chilled water in lieu of DX type cooling units.


Key fact

All systems are smart buildings enabled for future deployment.


Tony Owens in the Cundall dubai office

Tony Owens

Technical Director, Building Services

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The design created a centralised data hall surrounded by support spaces increasing the overall security of the data centre within the heart of the building.