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Tony Owens

Technical Director, Building Services

Tony Owens in meeting room with large windows with a collague

I am a mechanical engineer, holding a Bachelor of Engineering degree and an MBA. I chose engineering as a career because I enjoyed problem-solving when I was at school. I have spent most of my career in consulting, and have worked in Ireland, the UK and extensively in the GCC region. The diverse nature of engineering ensures my work is always interesting and rewarding.


Work sharing across our offices requires excellent teamwork and a shared commitment to provide our clients a first-class service. Delivering projects with our teams provides a great sense of achievement for all our staff.

Engineering excellence

Our commitment to self-improvement and learning ensures that we are as a company providing clients with knowledgeable and experienced engineers who can fulfil the project brief and deliver technically excellent designs. This is a continual process where we always strive to improve.

Tony Owens in the Cundall dubai office

Tony Owens

Technical Director, Building Services


+971 (0)4 323 2629

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