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Lady Eleanor Holles School

An adaptable, sustainable green urban campus focused on enhancing student and teachers experience

Aerial view of Lady Eleanor Holles School and it's central green and race track


Forshan, Mainland, China


Trumptech / Lady Eleanor Holles School


Scott Brownrigg

This 47,000m2 green urban school campus was planned to accommodate 875 students including boarding. The project comprises five accommodation blocks, the main school building, a 300-seat theatre, 25m swimming pool, an enclosed four court sports facility and an outdoor 400m running track.

The design has created a secure, adaptable and environmentally sustainable urban campus. Innovative solutions have optimised energy performance, addressed the region’s seismic risks and countered the air quality and noise impacts from the nearby highway. A biophilic design approach, filtration of air and water and high-performance facades, enhance the health and wellbeing of students and staff.

Rasti Bartek, comments on the project: “Our team in London together with Scott Brownrigg architects worked closely with the team from Lady Eleanor Holles School and developed a design that has student experience and quality of teaching as the overarching priority. Our team in Hong Kong in later stages worked with Trumptech to ensure successful implementation.”

Key fact

The whole campus is 47,000m2 and can accommodate 875 students.


Key fact

Health and wellbeing was improved through biophilic design and well designed facades


Head and sholders shot of Rasti wearing a dark blue shirt against green foliage

Rasti Bartek

Partner, Structural Engineering

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With innovative solutions, we have created an environment that focuses on overall wellbeing of students and staff and adapts to the nature of the region.