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Hub Church Street

A dynamic bespoke co-working space within the sustainability and wellbeing focused Industry Lanes precinct.
Artist's renditions of aerial view from Church Street.



Melbourne, Australia


Hub Australia

The Hub Church Street co-working space occupies two floors of a new commercial building within the Industry Lanes precinct developed by Salta Properties. The space includes both private and communal working spaces, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, a full-service café, fitness studio, member kitchen, media room, business lounge, hot-desking areas and a wrap-around terrace with city views.

Our team provided an integrated, multi-disciplinary suite of building services across mechanical, hydraulics, electrical, lighting design, and fire safety. A priority was to ensure the space and the building systems serving it would create a premium experience that reflects the client’s focus on wellbeing and comfort in such a dynamic working environment.

"One of the challenges of floorplates combining small, private office areas and large, fluid spaces for common areas and larger meeting rooms is balancing daylight access and expansive outlooks with managing thermal gain from glazing." Garrit Schot, Director.

Key fact

Base building HVAC was modified following thermal comfort modelling so the most energy-efficient solution could be achieved.


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Lighting was incorporated into the overall interior design, with a focus on using lighting to support health and wellbeing.


Key fact

Hub Church Street also benefits from the base building Green Star and Fitwell sustainability strategy Cundall developed for the broader Industry Lanes precinct.


Garrit in a light shirt and blue jacket with hands in pockets smiling to camera

Garrit Schot

Partner, Building Services

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Lighting a shared workspace means catering to diverse needs. Flexibility is crucial, as is minimising excess light in circulation spaces.