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Garrit Schot

Partner, Building Services

Garrit Schot presenting to team with white screen behind and table with water bottle on in front

Making a difference and being part of a bigger picture is what drives me as an engineer. I enjoy developing a vision into something tangible - seeing, touching and being within buildings our team brings to life, and it is satisfying watching people enjoy the spaces that we design. I really enjoy the variety at Cundall – every day is unique, and we work with so many different professions to deliver projects.


Solving complex problems in a team environment that includes a variety of disciplines - such as architecture, digital engineering and building services – involves thinking in a very agile way. That moment of co-creating meaningful insights and true innovation is a real buzz.


I am passionate about building teams and supporting the togetherness that leads to effective problem-solving. Engineering relies on navigating multiple priorities including architecture, occupant experience and building performance. I encourage my team to think of multiple solutions as part of the process to arrive at the best option.

Garrit in a light shirt and blue jacket with hands in pockets smiling to camera

Garrit Schot

Partner, Building Services


+61 (0)3 9635 3700

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