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Fulham Correctional Centre Expansion

Extending and upgrading a 1990s correctional centre by bringing all services into alignment with contemporary best-practice.
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New facilities constructed as part of the prison expansion included a 35-bed Management building, Movement Control building, 102 bed Accommodation Unit, Prison Shop and Cultural and Community Activity Centre. A new fit-out was designed and delivered for the existing Medical Centre, Kitchen and Laundry buildings and Reception refurbished. All facility electrical, sewerage and fire safety systems were also upgraded.

We provided an integrated, multidisciplinary engineering design and project management service that ensured the facility would operate at optimal energy efficiency while providing a comfortable environment for staff and inmates. To improve security, all plant was relocated to the roof which also improves the safety of maintenance and service technicians in the future.

"Our designs integrated the proposed modular construction method and the project procurement strategy. It also aimed to future-proof the facility for advances in technology and cater for further expansion of the centre. A unique feature of correction centres is designing for all-electric buildings, as the explosive nature of gas makes it a high-risk fuel source in a high security environment." Garrit Schot, Managing Director.

Key fact

A modular delivery approach was taken to speed progress.


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A new 750kVA substation and MSB sitting to the north of the site required re-engineering.


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Significant infrastructure works were involved including new head end fire detection systems, sewer macerator upgrades, and fire ring main upgrades.


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Garrit Schot

Partner, Building Services

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A behaviour-based design approach is important when designing correctional facilities, to ensure noise levels are comfortable for staff and inmates.