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Ed Sheeran +–=÷x Tour

The first ever touring cable structure in the world.

Ed Sheeran on stage at night with lighting on podiums and fans surround the stage

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Worldwide, United Kingdom


1325 Productions


Mark Cunniffe Ltd


Stage One Creative Services Ltd

The Ed Sheeran Mathematics tour is the first to use a temporary demountable self-supporting cable structure. The first of its kind, our structural engineers, appointed from early concept to detailed design, used their extensive knowledge to create a design which considered all aspects – cost, aesthetics, structural stability, and functionality.

The structure had to be easily transported, unloaded, and rebuilt in just three days within different stadia in the UK and around the world. This made the project very challenging and at the same time very exciting.

The touring structure consists of six 30m high steel masts, positioned around the central stage and supporting a 60m span cable net constructed of 22mm diameter galvanized steel spiral strand cable. This was used to suspend the central 21m diameter, 45 tonnes circular transparent LED screen over the stage, as well as ten tonnes of audio systems (PA). An additional 22 tonnes of PA and 22 tonnes of plectrum-shaped double-sided LED screens are suspended from the top of each mast, adding cutting-edge production to a very unique structure.

Jeremy Lloyd, Co-Director of WonderWorks said:
“I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing stadium tours over the years, but this one is up there! Touring a cable net on this scale has never been done before and to see it wow 80,000 revellers at Croke Park was an incredibly proud moment."


Creative Director – Mark Cunniffe; Production Director – Chris Marsh; Production Manager – Helen Himmons; Stage Manager – Matt Caley; Site Managers – Ben Johnstone & Harry Ford; Technical Design and Coordination – Wonder Works; Structural Engineering – Cundall; Audio System Design – Charlie Albin; Video System Design – Phil Mead; Steel System Fabrication – Stage One; Stage Fabrication – Tait; Set Fabrication – WiCreations; Plectrum Fabrication – Twenty-Three; Audio Supplier – Major Tom Touring; Video Supplier – Colonel Tom Touring; Lighting Supplier – LCR; Pyro Supplier – Pains Fireworks

Key fact

Wind and other forces are measured, transmitted, and reported in real time by weather stations and load-monitoring pins installed in the cable structure so that safety actions can be taken promptly.


Key fact

The show's ‘in-the round’ arrangement provides clear sight lines from all seats in the venue, enabling more of the audience to get closer to the stage. This provides an enhanced experience, with audience and artist enjoying a shared experience.


Head and sholders shot of Rasti wearing a dark blue shirt against green foliage

Rasti Bartek

Partner, Structural Engineering

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This project pushed all parties (designers, suppliers, and the crew) to give their best to create something never done before. It is a phenomenal showcase for Ed Sheeran and serves as an advertisement for UK creative industries.