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Dublin Airport

One of the busiest airports in Europe, and by far the busiest of Ireland's airports by total passenger traffic.
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Dublin, Ireland





Dublin Airport has the highest traffic levels on the island of Ireland with an extensive short, medium, and long-haul network. The influx of traffic and passengers demanded upgrades to enable more efficient aircraft turnover. daa operates in Dublin and Cork airports in Ireland and has significant overseas business through its ARI and daa International subsidiaries, in addition to the Dublin Airport Central development at Dublin Airport.

Cundall was appointed to work on a number of projects at Dublin Airport where we provided project management, structural engineering and planning services. In addition to this we undertook design duties associated with the construction and placement of Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS). We also designed and obtained planning consent for a new replacement Substation T airside which provided additional capacity for the installation of AGL (Aerodrome Ground Lighting) power supply systems.

"This is a significant development that will help assist in the future expansion of Dublin airport. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with daa to help them achieve their future expansion plans." Derry Kearney, Partner.

Key fact

The A-VDGS, a system which uses infrared lasers to assess an aircraft’s type and position allowing it to dock safely and quickly was constructed at each gate.


Key fact

The construction of a new replacement Substation T airside provided additional capacity for the installation of additional AGL (Aerodrome Ground Lighting) power supply systems.


Derry Kearney with Dublin office in background

Derry Kearney

Partner, Building Services

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We are delighted to be working with daa again at Dublin Airport on the design of this key piece of infrastructure.