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The Storm Coaster

A Guinness World Record breaking rollercoaster integrated directly into the structure of the building, pushing the boundary of all aspects of engineering design.

The Storm - Dubai Hills' indoor coaster inter-connected track and building

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


EMAAR Entertainment

The award-winning indoor rollercoaster is a unique entertainment attraction and the first of its kind. It has a 670m track and 50m high vertical launch with a track that is integrated directly into the building. Cundall was the Lead Design Consultant, designing and coordinating all building aspects across six different time zones. Close collaboration with creative consultant (Thinkwell), the rollercoaster supplier (Intamin), project manager (JLL MENA) and the main contractor (ALEC) was the key to making this structure a success.

Our Structural Engineers played a vital role in the formation of the building with all aspects of the shape being dictated by the roller coaster design due to the track and structural requirements. The track is extremely complex geometrically, as it rotates on all axis within the three-dimensional space of the building. Due to such challenges, parametric modelling was a necessity and was implemented from day one of pre-concept design.

Lee French, Partner, commented "This is a unique and ambitious project in many ways and an extremely exciting one both from a construction, theming and end user experience perspective."

Key fact

Over 30 digital engineering initiatives were implemented in the design phase alone.


Key fact

Parametric modelling reduced structural steel requirements by 23%.


Key fact

Adopting an innovative cooling strategy reduced energy demand by 11%.


Lee French in office

Lee French

Partner & Managing Director, MENA

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This iconic project pushed us to truly challenge ourselves and showcase the power of digital engineering, creating a world-first for EMAAR Entertainment.



Sustainable Project of the Year - Hospitality & Tourism

Middle East Consultant Awards 2022

Highly Commended

GCC Project of the Year

MEP Awards 2022


Commercial Project of the Year


Digital Project of the Year