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Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical Centre

First private teaching hospital in Hong Kong with a unique sustainable sky garden design.
Upwards view of the building exterior with windows reflecting the blue sky

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Hong Kong, China


Chinese University of Hong Kong


Wong & Ouyang

This CUHK Medical Centre is a non-profit, private teaching hospital with a Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM) Plus Platinum Rating. It has a capacity of 516 inpatient beds together with outpatient, day surgery, and an emergency medicine centre. Sustainable features such as renewable energy and a rainwater harvesting system were incorporated to reduce natural resource dependency and reduce operational carbon emissions.

A combination of passive and active sustainability initiatives were designed by our team including specifications for the high-performance Low-E IGU glazing of the façade. This façade has been designed to maximise daylight, reduce heat gain, and improve acoustic performance. Vertical architectural fins on the façade also block unwanted sunlight and glare. We undertook CFD modelling that showed the Sky Garden would ensure additional fresh air, reduce the heat island effect and facilitate improved wind movement around the building.

"This was the first university-owned hospital for private teaching in Hong Kong. Our sustainability team provided sustainability design and BEAM Plus consultancy for this project with a goal of improving patient experience. The project has achieved BEAM Plus Platinum Rating and was shortlisted as a finalist in the Green Building Awards 2019." Joe Tang, Director.

Key fact

Achieved BEAM Plus Platinum Rating.


Key fact

High performance Low- E IGU glazing used on the façade allows abundant daylight and blocks heat gain.


Key fact

Centre building sky garden is a unique sustainability feature that benefits the indoor environment.


Joe Tang in a grey suit and pale shirt with blurred green park background

Joe Tang

Director, Building Services

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Cundall provided sustainability consulting services on this project which achieved BEAM Plus Platinum Rating and was shortlisted as a finalist in the Green Building Awards 2019.